Ambrosia Systems Inc
We offer best-in-class, easy to use, affordable real-time continuous glucose monitoring platform for diabetic patients, weight loss, fitness, athletes, diabetes management service providers
ArmorCode is the industry’s leading AppSecOps platform. ArmorCode customers reduce application exposure and risk, while scaling AppSec effectiveness and impact by 10x or more across the organization.
blaZop Inc.
SaaS Platform to digitize the end-to-end lifecycle of Cloud and IT Infrastructure Services, resulting in higher profit margins, lower OPEX costs, and better customer experience for MSPs & enterprises.
ENACT’s Software platform is transforming how solar and energy storage projects are designed, deployed and managed with thousands of users in 20+ countries
Gnosis Learning
Gnosis Learning develops an innovative new learning platform for students in HIgh School, and those in College. We do JEE/NEET/CBSE and AP+SAT. Our IT Certificate facilitates entry into IT careers.
Hermis, Inc.
Supercharge employee engagement for a distributed workforce through icebreakers, networking and surveys for different use cases (employee onboarding, all hands, etc) over Zoom, Teams, Webex and more.
Proactive AI for customer support teams that automatically tags, triages and alerts for customer issues
MixLife, Inc.
MixLife is a creative experience platform designed for workplace wellbeing and connection.
Moonpreneur Inc
Moonpreneur is a Silicon Valley company with a mission to ignite the spark of innovation & Entrepreneurship in the new generation to prepare them for the work of the furure.
Supermind Innovation Lab
Supermind Innovation Lab is a non-profit startup that delivers lifeskill courses, apps and retreats to help develop a supermind with enhanced focus, decision making, mindfulness, joy, resilience etc.
AI-powered solutions to automate online retail processes, such as product tagging and description writing, resulting in enriched product data and customer engagement
"OpenEgrid provides advanced platform to manage Micro-Grids & Virtual Power Plants by facilitating intelligent interactions between components, devices, Distributed Energy assets on the Smart Grid. "
Paliq, Inc
Complete usage-based billing platform for the API economy
One-source information portal for one of the most valuable constituents in the healthcare system (the physician). We combine prescription, medical, social, and research data across 100 sources.
We are AI-enabled skill sharing platform with a mission to empower everyone to be a creatively productive at work.
BHyve helps corporations to democraticise and tokenise their tribal knowledge and make it accessible to all their employees through gamification.
Inhabitr Inc
Turning furniture into an investible asset class by building the first furniture platform for the enterprise world