Established in 1994, Atlantic.Net is a market-leading hosting provider, with presence in seven global state-of-the-art data centers. Atlantic.Net provides an array of hosting services, to include cloud, dedicated, colocation, private virtualization, and managed hosting.  Atlantic.Net is offering a Free G3.2 GB VPS Cloud server for one full year to startups, non-profit organizations, and all attendees.

Cellstrat Inc.

CellStrat is a community-driven Generative AI startup specializing in accelerated AI launches for Teams and Enterprises worldwide with the help of our jumpstart AI platform and large AI expert group.


A self-managing serverless transactional database that gives developers superpowers


My passion is to demystify cybersecurity and compliance for business leaders and non-technical/technical professionals.

Doctor Droid

Automated debugging of production issues

Ezyhire Inc

AI Based Technical Assessment Platform

Built by an ex-Facebook team Fennel is a realtime ML feature store that makes ML more accessible to data science/ML teams for both batch and streaming features.


Galvix is an automated sales tax compliance management solution that streamlines financial operations for SaaS companies, enabling global growth.

India international impact


Inri is an investment platform for 32M global Indian Expats/NRIs to invest in India


Document processing automation using izDOX AI platform for BFSI, Healthcare and Logistics sectors. izDOX is TiE50 silicon valley award winner.


We use AI and 100+ alternative data signals (credit card, satellite etc.) to measure the world in real-time. Top institutions - SWF, Pensions are signing up to know faster and invest better.


Neev Finance

Digital family office for accredited investors

Nymble Robots

Nymble is pioneering an autonomous cooking future by building countertop cooking robots for home.

RagaAI Inc.

RagaAI ( is offering a comprehensive Testing Platform for AI/ML applications including LLMs. The platform automatically identifies issues with data and AI models.

SmartApps Inc.

Hallucination is a major challenge for generative AI when it comes to enterprise data. SmartApps introduces a "Large Data Model" to fix that by understanding data in addition to natural language.

Trumio Inc.

An AI powered group work platform for college students to deliver real-world projects for global clients and supercharge their innovation. Already working with IIT admin, gymkhana, and students.

Utiltyx Inc.

Electrons are the new oil and their flow need to safe, secure and reliable. Utiltyx's GridEye platform helps detect cybersecurity issues and provides operational analytics to monitor and manage grids