Resilience & Reinvention: Thriving Through Turbulent Times

IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference 2023 embodies a powerful theme focused on thriving through turbulent times by embracing the principles of reinvention and resilience. Despite the challenging aftermath of the pandemic-induced "Great Reset," along with mounting inflation, the ongoing European conflict, a decline in GDP, and a deterioration of startup valuations, the conference aims to equip attendees with the tools and ideas necessary to navigate through this trying period with determination and strength.


Women's Event

Evening Entertainment: Music & Dance


Campus Mixer

Speaker Lineup


Jensen Huang


Ayan Mukerji

CEO, Infogain

Rathi Murthy

CTO /President, Expedia Product and Technology

Dr. Jitendra Malik

Professor at UC, Berkeley, Former Head of AI research Facebook, Menlo Park

Bratin Saha

Vice President and General Manager, Amazon

Fireside Chats

How Generative AI is Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

Pervinder Johar

CEO, Blume Global

Rohini Chakravarthy

Managing Partner, NewBuild VC


Disrupting the Disruption

John Ische

CIO, Apple Leisure Group

Ravi Nemalikanti

CTO, Abrigo

Tyson Hartman

CTO, Infogain

Technology & Longevity

Dr. Ajit Singh

Partner, Artiman Ventures

Dr. Ronjon Nag

Founder and Managing Director, R42 Group

Dr. Geeta Narlikar

Professor, UCSF

Panel Discussions

Generative AI in Production: Hallucination or Reality?

Sudip Chakrabarti

Partner at Decibel Partners


Adam Conway

SVP, Products at Databricks

Niki Parmar

Former Co-founder of Adept AI, Google Brain

Vijoy Pandey

SVP, Outshift by Cisco

Shishir Mehrotra

CEO/Co-founder, Coda

Securing Data in the Age Digital Transformation and AI

Ashu Garg

General Partner, Foundation Capital

Mohit Aron

Founder & Chief Technology and Product Officer, Cohesity

Anand Kashyap

Founder & CEO, Fortanix

Rishi Bhargava

Co-Founder, Descope

Lightning Talks

Women's Event

Welcome Note

Nidhi Kannoujia

President & Board Member IITBAA

Fireside chat

Surbhi Kaul

(VP, Global Customer Experience, Juniper)

Dr. Smita Hashim

(Chief Product Officer, Zoom)

Rapid Fire Q&A

Lochan Alagh

(Board Member IITBAA & Executive Director, FalconX)

Swapnil Sinvhal

(Board Member, IITBAA & Director, Software, Oracle)

Anshu Agarwal

(Board Member, IITBAA & General Partner, Converge)

Panel Discussion

Preetha Ram

(Managing Partner, Pier 70 Ventures)

Lynn Lucas

(Former CMO, Cohesity)

Indu Navar

(CEO & Founder, EverythingALS)

Ishita Sharan

(CPO, Damo Consulting) Moderator



Highlights of Past Conference

O n e - D a y P o w e r P a c k e d C o n f e r e n c e














20+ Select early-stage startups showcase their products

  • VCs & Angel Investors: Opportunity to invest. Schedule 1-on-1 meeting, and demo products
  • Job Seekers: Opportunity to join early-stage startups
  • All Attendees: Opportunity to collaborate, advise, learn about disruptive technologies and business models or become early adopters.

Startup Showcase

Qualification Criteria

(All criteria must be met to qualify)
  • Product startups
  • Less than $1M ARR
  • Less than 3 years old


Startups from Bay Area
AND less than 3 years old



IIT Bay Area Clubs

Opportunity to keep the community engaged
year around through various clubs

Sponsored Speaker at Career club, Life Hacks, and Finance Club

1 Career Club : Ad hoc events with invited industry experts to enrich the professional lives of IIT alumni

2 Life Hacks: Monthly panel discussions on tricks, shortcuts, or novel methods that help us make our lives happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

3 Finance: Live online discussion and occasional invited guest speakers on all things Finance: Investments, Economy, Funding etc.

4 Hiking: Monthly moderate hikes rotating between San Jose, Peninsula, and East bay to keep your mind, body, spirit and networking fit, accompanied by a yummy potluck!

5 Book Club: Monthly virtual discussion/perspectives sharing on learning from a self help book (chosen every month by members)

6 Music Club: Ad hoc events with invited industry experts to enrich the professional lives of IIT alumniMonthly hosted music events at homes and in parks featuring karaoke, potluck, instrument playing, drinks and dances

7 Racket Club: Play fastest growing Pickle ball and Table Tennis, Tennis, and Badminton on weekdays and weekends. Periodic social events. Friendly tournaments in the summer.

8 GupShup: Chit-chat (online or in person over chai) on various topics not directly covered by other clubs while maintaining decorum.

Other Clubs include

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